IPS Celebrates Christmas

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Christmas is the most celebrated and the merriest of all the seasons. It is the most awaited season for kids and adults alike as presents are usually given. However, Christmas is more than the material gifts. There are many ways to celebrate the season to show love, sharing, and empathy.

On the 15th December 2017, IPS had many ways to celebrate Christmas. In the morning, Key Stage 1 held a Christmas Presentation, and Key Stage 2 performed a musical (The Magical Time of the Year) respectively at the school auditorium. The musical presentation staged by the Key Stage 2 students was written and directed by Teacher Nora from the Music Department. Moreover, the Student Representative Council (SRC) held a Mini Fair from 11:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. From 1:30 to 3:00, the Key stages 1- and 2 held their Christmas Party inside their respective classrooms.

During the KS2 presentations, as a way of sharing the gifts of talents, each year level presented Christmas songs and performances which brought joy and happiness to all those who came and witnessed the program. During the event, the students wore their colour-coded shirts: year 3 wore white, year 4 wore red, year 5 wore green and year 6 wore yellow.

The SRC Christmas Mini Fair for KS2 and 3 was put up for the students where they can enjoy fun activities with one another. The proceeds of this activity were given to the IPS charity event for this school year. The Christmas party was also allowed as part of gift sharing in their respective classrooms. With this, the students were encouraged to bring food to be shared with the whole class, and as part of the party, there was also a gift giving. Evidently, in each of the classes, food and gifts were overflowing and the day ended where everyone was smiling not only because of the gifts received and delicious food but also of the presentations and the thoughtfulness of everyone during the day.


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